Unisto P20

The P20’s rotative seal designed to secure small eyelets. It mainly used on Water-, Gas- and Electrics Meters. This security seal enables many applications and fits with many kind of wires. The seal can be closed very fast without tools. Various plastic colours avaibles and several sizes of tags enable many customization options. The both sides makring with barcode, datamatrix, numbering and/or logo increase security level and traceability.

  • Separate wire allows sealing with flexibility and ajustability
  • Compact size with double side marking
  • Specific knob design for fast and secure closing without tool
  • The seal is compatible with different kinds of wires : plastic coated, nylon, cable… on request
  • Various colours for easy identification (color coding)
  • Customer name/logo for clear identification and more security
  • Bar-coding ensures fast and accurate data capture
  • More security with the double numbering of the last 6 digits
  • Specific colour of the standard wire for more security

Minimum size


Housing and knurled knob: Copolymere styrene/methyl methacrylate (SMMA) 


Unisto offers a Standard P20 wire:
• Twisted metal wire, specific green coated Ø 1,2mm
• In reel of 100 m. Precut wire on request 

Tensile strength (loop)

With our Standard P20 wire: approx. 10kg 


Direct laser marking on material
• S tag: 6 digits
• L/XL tags: 15 digits
• Knob: last 6 digits for checking 

Barcode & numbering

Direct laser marking on material
• 128C Code
• Datamatrix Code
• Other barcode on request 

Customer name/logo

Foil printed 1 standard colour
• Foil printed with several colours, on request
• Direct laser marking on material
• Blind embossed with or without foil printed 


• Housing: pink, yellow, white, apricot, (pastel colour), translucent
• Knob: red, yellow, green, blue, white 


• Boxes of 500 seals in bulk, in cartons of 5000 seals

– S Tag: 56×37.2×16.7 cm (0.040m3), approx.12 Kg

– L Tag: 58.4×38.4×29.5 cm (0.075m3), approx.13.5 Kg

– XL Tag: 58.4×38.4×29.5 cm (0.075m3), approx. 16.5 Kg

• Optional “premium packing”: on blister trays, in numbering order